hey there, my name is Kasia (pronounced kasha) – thanks for stopping by!  A little about me...I grew up in New Jersey with a very loud, large, Polish family. They taught me how to have faith, love big and laugh hard. I jumped out of a plane with my best friend and married him almost a year later (one of my better decisions :).  We had our first little girl in 2009, Adeline.. and three more shortly after..Amelia, Charlotte and Eloise. I love slow mornings (one day this will happen), fixing up our home, fresh flowers, dates night on the couch (with nachos and date line), family room dance parties and the short lived feeling of "super-mom" after my first cup of coffee. I absolutely love spending time with our girls. We homeschool part time (community school) and I am figuring out this parenting thing everyday. I’m passionate about my faith and being a follower of Christ. I’ve been incredibly blessed and don't take it fore granted, striving to embrace every grace filled moment. I do not have it all together and I’m far from perfect. I fall daily in this chaotic life but find that when I stay strong in Him, I always get up. 
This little shop was started out of a creative passion after Adeline was born. I actually have an undergraduate degree in neuroscience/psychology and graduate degree in public health administration. I had a great job in a growing company in downtown tampa but long story short, my little girl was born and it rocked my world in the best possible way. 
Success took on a different meaning and those corporate heels got swapped out for some jeans, flip flops and a baby carrier.  I created this shop to provide you with meaningful designs to celebrate life's sweeter, smaller moments. You can find more of my work on minted and digital designs on etsy.   I feel incredibly blessed to have the freedom and opportunity to pursue something I love to do while being knee deep in motherhood (thank you for your support!)
My hope is that this site and these designs may inspire you, maybe even make you smile and above all – help you recognize the sweet blessings around you. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit this shop, follow me along and say hi at @kasialabocki and the shop @simplypchee.