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For all you stroller loving mamas, I have a good one for you – the Joovy (caboose too ultralight). With Adeline (almost 4) and Amelia (18 months) we have always used one of our two strollers, bugaboo cameleon or city mini double. The two girls are just over two years apart so the bugaboo was always used with the wheely board accessory and the city mini side by side for longer trips. When we recently had our third, Charlotte, not even 18 months months after Amelia it proved to be a little harder to get around. Amelia was too little to ride on the wheely board and the baby was too little for the double (we don’t have the car seat adapter) and let let’s face it, a side by side double is not the most convenient for everyday use. My solution – Joovy.


I was thrilled when Joovy offered to send me their caboose too ultralight stand on stroller, a great solution for getting out of the house with three kids (three and under) a little less stressful. Why? This stroller has more practical configurations (that can be set up without a lot of fuss) than I have ever seen in a stroller. Here is a glimpse into our exploration of this stroller.

The arrival . . .

stroller The stroller comes compactly packaged with all major components already assembled. These are the main parts you will find inside of the box:


You do need to secure the wheels with the hardware provided, read the instructions and you should be good to go. The stroller already has the stand on board and bench seat secured. You can use the tray, canopy and parent organizer as you desire. I really appreciate the simple and easy design of this parent organizer. Functional and very practical without being obtrusively bulky. The rear seat and car seat adapter are used depending on what configuration you have the stroller set up in (they both snap in fairly easily into the front of the stroller). Here are some of its many uses the girls and I experimented with . . .

Front and rear seat in use (rear seat snaps right onto the bench)


Car seat adapter in the front and rear seat in the back


seat in the front (with tray) and bench seat in the back (rear seat was removed)


and same as above except standing on board (rather then sitting on bench)


The configuration I find myself most often using at the moment is the infant car seat in the front (on the adapter) with the rear seat in the back. This way Charlotte can stay sleeping in her infant car seat, Amelia can comfortably sit in her own seat (and not escape) and Adeline can walk beside us. I initially thought that the rear bench would be enough for Amelia but after experimenting I noticed two things: first – due to her short height the car seat was uncomfortably positioned right at the back of her head. second – she was always wanting to stand up so she could see better. I found the rear bench to work much better with my three year old, Adeline.

I was pleasantly surprised that the rear seat appears to be quite comfortable and roomy for Amelia, she has a good view of what’s going on while strolling and truly appears to enjoy the ride. What I love about this stroller is that the rear seat is simple to attach (and remove) so I don’t have to call my husband to help me. I appreciate all the options I have in using this stroller and that the accessories are already included. It has a lot of functionality that is not difficult to figure out and use. I like that it easily folds down, has a locking latch and I don’t have to detach anything while folding (except if you’re using the car seat adapter – you do have to take that off first).


And it fits easily into our 3 row SUV. IMG_2411

What I don’t love about this stroller is that it is a bit bulky and heavy. BUT it is a double (with a lot of features) and lighter than a lot of double strollers out there. The frame is square and rigid, I would love to see it in a smoother, sleeker finish – this is from a purely aesthetic stand point. It also lacks in storage as you loose the use of the storage basket when the rear seat is use.  I did notice the small side pockets on the storage basket and I appreciate this small detail.

Overall I find this joovy caboose too ultralight to be an awesome solution for a mom with small kids – especially if you’re a bit crazy brave and decide to have a few very close together. I love that my girls love this stroller, that it will grow with our family and get a lot of long term use.



 *Thank you to JOOVY for providing me with this product for review. This did not alter my opinion of the product – all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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