the calm before the storm

After all the chaos of redecorating rooms, finishing little projects and getting ready for baby we have settled. Life has been incredibly normal this past month. Soccer camp, music class, grocery runs, walks in the park, quiet evenings at home, last hair appointment before baby…oddly calm but filled with excitement and anxiety that something big is about to happen. Surreal to think that in less than a week (hopefully in the next few days actually! i’m ready) we are going to be a family of five. When did that happen? Sometimes I feel like I’m just getting used to the idea of being a a mom at all…and I’m about to have three girls?! oh my. things are about to get seriously crazy

I’m feeling incredibly blessed by these amazing gifts that have been given to me these past few years. It makes me nervous as it comes with a great responsibility, but wow, what a privilege at the same time. My deliveries with Adeline and then Amelia were challenging yet incredible. I cannot help but feel anxious on how this delivery will go, hopefully another VBAC if all goes “as planned.” But it’s out of my hands. I’m just SO excited to meet this new life. This sweet baby girl that has been poking, kicking and growing inside of me, incredible.

So sweet baby girl, crazy to think you are about to enter this world any day now. Mama cannot wait to meet you! My heart is overjoyed that I will soon be able to see your sweet, perfectly made little face and hold your perfect little hand. Already I want to shelter, protect and guard you from the imperfections of this broken world. But I’m comforted that God is in control and already has his plans for you, a hope and a future. You have quite a team behind you with the most amazing sisters. The three of you are going to change the world, you’ve already changed mine.


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