Thanksgiving printables

Last year was our first attempt at making a turkey and hosting our family Thanksgiving dinner – it was a success. My parents went to go visit my newly wed sister in Ohio and left the rest of us to vend for ourselves. It turned out to be quite the Thanksgiving feast, complete with food, naps, activities and more food. I love Thanksgiving day :) This year we will (hopefully) have +1 by Thankgiving and turkey dinner is back and mom and dads! Here are some shots from last years festivities…

They all grow up toooo fast . . .

meet Herman (the before) – I can’t take any credit. He was delicious but James took over this project and did amazing. 

Pretty thanksgiving printables for your use, created last year. They may be accessed here and here. Lots of fun stuff to make it all pretty – Happy Thanksgiving day planning!


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