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Our superbowl was extra special this year as it was also the day my hubby turned 30! Woo hoo, he’s quite the special guy so I threw him a superbowl birthday party with our friends and family.

Here was our set up . . .



IMG_3098 IMG_3190 IMG_3095 IMG_3140

I made a huge orange and white pennant banner out of cardstock that I strung across the family room. I also hung a “game day” banner by the front door and a “happy birthday” banner on the entertainment center (from my etsy shop). I had a “sweets” table in the kitchen (even boys like cupcakes… ;) ). I decorated it with a piece of turf (from home depot) and a variety of serving trays to display all the food. I hung two large footballs (I just cut out from brown poster paper and made the lines using white artist tape) and hung it from the ceiling. While I was at home depot buying turf I grabbed some turf samples to use as coasters and bought some little footballs at iparty (just for fun). Our kitchen counter top was used as a buffet, I lined it with kraft paper and made it look like a football field  – also with white painters tape and number stickers. I labeled the sweets with food labels and also used stickers (also all from the etsy shop) to decorate the cups and paper cones (filled with roasted pecans). I posted prediction sheets on the window with questions for everyone to guess at and a few nostalgic photos of the birthday boy (what a cutie…).

Of course all the guys care about is the food…and there was some good food.

IMG_3130 IMG_3097 food IMG_3093 popcorn

We had a sub platter from Publix, tons of boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, celery, ranch, chips, spicy guacamole, cheese tray in the shape of a football ((pinterest find). On the sweets table we had (delicious) cupcakes from (local) Sugar Darlings, fondant cupcake toppers from Claudia Cupcake Lady, popcorn, original cheesecake (his favorite) from Cheesecake factory, fudge walnut brownies, chocolate chip cookies and roasted pecans (big hit and super easy..I made them using this recipe.)

IMG_3161 love this guy!

IMG_3105 IMG_3172

and my sweet sisters (2 out of the 3)! Everyone was supposed to wear “team gear” to make it a bit more festive, of course only about 4 people participated…  all in all, a football party is definitely a great, easy theme for a guys birthday. I came up with a lot of ideas when  putting together this inspiration board a few weeks ago.


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