football party planning

football-party-planningIf anyone has watched any of the games recently it’s looking like it might be quite the exciting superbowl this year. My team is out – (go EAGLES..always a jersey girl at heart) but I’m very excited for this year’s game….especially since James is turning 30 on Superbowl Sunday. The perfect excuse to plan an awesome 30th birthday/superbowl party. Doing any kind of “themed” guys party is tricky. Hard to play up the theme with some character and not make it to cheesy – kind of difficult to make some “masculine” cupcake toppers! This Super Bowl birthday is perfect.

I created a football invitation and printables (available in my etsy shop) in what I consider a classic football look. I also plan on cutting white and orange pendants out of cardstock and stringing them across the family room. Food will most likely consist of subs, wings, chips, dip, etc. For snacks I plan on keeping it simple with cookies, brownies, popcorn, toasted nuts…still working on this. I picked up 6 feet of turf at home depot this weekend to use for decor on the table – cost me approximately $6.00. I also grabbed a few turf samples (they had a bunch on display) to use as coasters. Got this clever tip (and a few others) from this great write up at the cooking channel. Another idea I came across is to post trivia questions on the game itself, still waiting to see who makes it to the big game to come up with my questions. Who is your pick? I’m definitely rooting for a 49ners and ravens game!


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