goldfish valentines & a coupon book

I had too much fun working on two little Valentine’s Day projects this week. First, I’ve seen a variety of cute “goldfish” type cards out there and created my own for Adeline’s preschool valentines. So cute!


I created little tags, cut them, folded them in half and stapled it to a cellophane treat back filled with gold fish. Front reads “hooked on you” and the back reads “glad we’re in the same school.” I’m so clever :) Love the bright colors and candy alternative. I’m going to put all of these together with Adeline next week but created a little mock up this morning with Amelia to see what it would look like.

IMG_3328 IMG_3360

“How do I get into these?!” She was a big fan.


Love that belly! And yes, she is wearing her goldfish onsie which was not planned. Seriously. I immediately grabbed the camera when I realized it.

Second project.  A valentine for my love. We don’t go overboard with gifts on these little holidays, I like to think there is a lot of love around here everyday. ha! Plus, it’s hard to find a good little gift without being overly cheesy or piling up more junk. What do you guys get your loved ones for Valentine’s Day? For us it’s usually a night out combined with our anniversary (in 2 weeks). Anyways, I did made him something this year . . .


A coupon book. Yes, still super cheesy. But it’s filled with all the little things he loves. I have a feeling I’m going to regret giving this to him . . . but I know he will love it. (he doesn’t read my blog so he’ll still be surprised)

coupon book

I made the coupon book by designing the covers and “coupons” – printing, cutting, hole punching and tying it all together. Love the way it came out. Either one of these two projects are fairly simple to just make shift on your own. If you are interested in purchasing the personalized tags or coupon book as printables I also have them listed in the etsy shop.



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