an alphabet tree

I do not do over the top DIY projects or crafts due to lack of patience and skill. But if the project is fairly simple and something I know the girls will love, I will give it a try. I came across this alphabet tree on pinterest from No Time for Flash Cards and knew Adeline would love it. She just started pre-k two mornings a week and has been working on her ABC’s. This required just a little bit of painting, cutting, letter writing, tape and the only thing I had to buy was the contact paper. Visit No Time for Flash Cards for the full tutorial – we basically replicated it!

  1. Paint a tree trunk
  2. While its trying cut out apples and write out letters
  3. Tape up tree trunk and construction paper for tree
  4. Secure contact paper on tree
  5. Put up the apples and play!

Some pics from our Friday morning project:

Hard at work painting the tree truck. We just painted a brown strip from our roll of Ikea paper and cut it out. And yes – the child seriously takes out her beret (acquired from a mall family day) for every art project we do. I believe it had something to do with a Fancy Nancy art book we read one day.

Then we I hand cut some apples out of construction paper. I discovered I’m really not that great at free drawing/cutting apples, most of them look more like pumpkins. I wrote the letters in marker while Adeline practiced and traced each one. Our flash card wall was put to good use while working on this!

For the tree itself we just taped up pieces of green construction paper.

progress! Someone woke up from their morning nap during this part and wanted in on some of the action.

Adeline was thrilled when she discovered how she can easily stick the apples up on the tree and peel them off again. The contact paper was a bit tricky to put up by myself, but not too bad. We’ve had it up for a few days now and it’s still working well. I probably could have done the tree a bit lower so she can reach all the way to the top easier, but then my little desctructive Amelia would have had easier access to the apples.

TADA – all done! We love our little alphabet tree. Fun with an extra educational bonus….I definitely got some cool mama points with this one. Adeline has been talking a lot about a “chica chica boom boom” tree from school, apparently it’s a very popular alphabet book involving a coconut tree. She just picked it from her scholastic order, wish I had thought of it earlier and considered making this into the actual “chica chica boom boom” tree. Another idea I have with Thanksgiving coming up (and if the tree holds up) is to cut out “thanksgiving leaves” with everything we are thankful for and putting them up instead of the apples. Would be fun to hear a three year old list everything she is thankful for :-)


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