finding the perfect planner

I have a small planner obsession problem. You would think I would have naturally transitioned to my icalender that conveniently syncs with the phone, computer, ipad and can easily send and receive reminders/invites to and from James (the method he thinks I’m silly for not 100% utilizing) – but no, I still love my old school planner. Same reason I still prefer holding and reading a good book physically instead of electronically. I like writing things down, crossing them off, seeing my weeks & months in advance and turning those nice fresh, clean pages before filling them up with life. I was the dork that looked forward to my new school planner at the beginning of the year, from elementary school to college, it hasn’t changed.

So what are your favorite planners? I’ve tried several and am always on the look out for practical but simplified planners that fit my current needs as a busy mama! With the new year beginning here are my top three (in no particular order) . . .

1. Erin Condren’s life planner – I have used this planner for the past 2 years and they have improved every year (and it looks like they have even more updates this year!) Cute designs, inspirational quotes, fun colors, great monthly and weekly layouts all nicely bounded in a spiral notebook. I love the monthly tabs, stickers and notebook pages in the back. Erin Condren has a whole video and highlights of all the features on their website. This is a snapshot of when I received my new 2012 planner.

2. Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner – Emily is a great blogger & designer who came out with her own “simplified planner system” this year. Love her designs in general…but with this planner I love the colors, the simplified “build your own” concept and the fact that it’s all in a binder! You can see a video and read about some of this planners awesome features here on her blog. (photos from Emily Ley.)

3. Russell and Hazel smartdate system – as I mentioned…I love the concept of a planner in a binder. Russell and Hazel have a great selection of chic, “mini” (and regular) binders that are my favorite! They have many individual insert options to choose from so you can really build it to fit your own needs, as well as some fabulous gold tab dividers. I personally love their mini binders. (photo courtesy of “take two they’re small”)

So how are you planning on getting organized for 2013?  I don’t know which one I’m going to go with yet, ideally I would love to one day design my own. That would be a dream, maybe, one day. But anyone else get as excited as I do about getting a new planner?


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