so thankful . . . meet Charlotte

She’s here . . . meet Charlotte Ann, born November 16 at 5:44 AM, 7 pds 7 oz (I can’t believe it either, I didn’t know I was capable of delivering a child under 9 lbs) absolutely perfect. We are completely in love all over again.

so sweet . . .

look at that hair! We have bald babies, where did that hair come from?!

Completely humbled and thankful this holiday season with our little miracles.

(yes, we turned our alphabet tree into a thanksgiving tree)

 . . . and then there were three

Life is good (at least until James goes back to work at the end of the week and I’m seriously outnumbered!) ;)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



  1. Beautiful! They are all so precious!

  2. What a beautiful lovely girl! Wishing her good health!

  3. Great idea! My parents live in Turkey and I fqrueently receive tremendous packages of dried figs, brown Turkish apricots and pistachios. I’ve been chopping them up and adding them to oats, sunflower, and hemp seeds to make my own mix of muesli. Much like your granola recipe, but minus a

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