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I came across this quote from Francis Chan on pinterest a few months ago and it caught my eye sparked a little conviction . . . and some thoughts.

I have a lot to be thankful for –  an amazing family, everyone’s healthy, a wonderful home..this list goes on. I’m grateful. Not only that our needs are met when times are so tough for so many but that I have and always have had overwhelming love and support. When it comes to serving others I have good intentions . . . but I get so caught up in the day to day routine of life and that I lose track of our bigger purpose. You mean there is more to life than nap times, grocery runs, cooking, laundry?!

I volunteer and give when needed – often within my nice little comfort circle where it’s easy and makes me feel good. When I really start to think about it there is so much more our family could be doing in reaching out to people that are in need – physically, spiritually and emotionally. I want more for my kids then to grow up in a comfort circle of “good deeds.” There is probably nothing I want more then for them to understand the real meaning of love and giving and being that shining light. I don’t know exactly how to do that but I do know that what they learn starts at home.

My girls are little – and many would say they are to little to understand any of this. But Adeline is going to be four soon and let me tell you that child understands a lot. It blows my mind how much these kids really do understand and how pure & genuine they are with their thoughts and actions. so REFRESHING.

If I only I could be as pure & genuine.

So I’ve been thinking of ways I can teach these girls about a love beyond loving their mom and dad. What it means to help others. What it means to be blessed and thankful. I’ve done two things this past week to try and take some action on these thoughts. First, we made “blessing bags.” Ziplock bags filled with toiletries, socks, protein bar, hand wipes and a note to keep in our cars and hand out when needed. We have homeless people in all of our communities and it’s difficult to know what to do in every situation, but everyone has their own story. This is just a small way to show someone we care, that they are loved (and I’m sure it’s going to spark some interesting conversations). If you google “blessing bags” you will find many ideas on how to put together a “blessing bag.”


Second, we sponsored a child from Compassion. There are many places that offer sponsorship opportunities, we chose Compassion because it’s established and from what I have read and heard, a trustworthy organization. We sponsored a little 4 year old from Uganda. We explained to Adeline, as we have often have in the past, how there are so many kids out there that don’t have a home, food or even clothes like she does. We read about this little girl….Adeline wanted to play with her and then asked if we could give her a home. So pure and genuine. Love this child.


SMALL steps in showing them a world outside of their own but it’s a start. I don’t want these girls to center their life around the importance of “things” and get stuck living in superficial peace. I want them, our family, to have a FULL LIFE  of what matters. To know and love God (for there is not greater fulfillment than this..John 10:9-10) and shine his love on to others. Our world would be different if we lived this like.

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