family room

This is our family room in its current state:


This is the before:


When we purchased our home it was a damaged and gutted out foreclosed property. We remodeled everything because we pretty much had to. We spent a lot of time and work on the essentials – flooring, painting, cabinets, etc, and for the past few years we’ve slowly been working on the little things that make it home – light fixtures, furniture, window treatments (yay kitchen shades!) It’s been a sllloooowwwww progress, and except for the girls rooms, there are a lot of unfinished projects. But this home has been a blessing. It has beautiful spaces and making them into our own (and sharing it with all of you!) has been FUN. At least I have lots of time to think about what I really want to do.

Anyways, this is what our family room looks like. As you can see in the before picture it has some odd structural components (what is up with that sort of moon shaped window? what does one even do with that?!) and I’m not sure why the builder decided to make a side room half wall with odd architectural character? But I’ll work with it. That side room has been the PERFECT playroom..I’ve blogged about it here and here. That flooring you see is not wood floors, it’s laminate and tile next to it (if you look closely)


We James and my dad took the tile out (not a fun project) and we replaced the entire downstairs flooring with dark wooden floors throughout. LOVE this, one of my most favorite changes to the house.


ALL the furniture and window treatments in this room were previously used in the loft and living area of our previous town home. If I had an opportunity to start from scratch I may have done things much differently, but it works for now. To the left is the play room, to the right are sliding glass doors to a small patio/pool deck and in front of the family room is the kitchen. My favorite layout is an open family room/kitchen concept.


I try to keep things fairly simple in here because there is already so much going on in the playroom. (how did we still end up with a “baby” toy basket in the family room with a playroom next door?!) One of the few things in this room that we did have to purchase was the rug. With a little toddler just starting to walk, buying a rug was one of our top priorities and we quickly picked one up in HomeGoods. Looking back I really wish I put more thought and time into this. First, it sheds like crazy. It’s finally starting to get better but what a pain. Second, I don’t like it. I would love to do something more neutral (maybe even a “soft” jute type rug) and updated in here…one day, it’s on the list.



IMG_2808 familyroom IMG_2835


Okay, so the sectional is from Pottery Barn (maybe the pierce?). It was one of our first big furniture purchases when we got married (yay grown up furniture!) We love it because it’s big and comfortable. We probably should have chosen a different color if we were thinking kids at the time…(fast forward a few years and 3 kids later). It’s a bit beat up and needs a good washing (all the covers are zippered and washable), but all in all it’s a great couch. Media center was purchased from JcPenny online – very similar to this one but a fraction of the price (great knock off deal on this one).  Ottoman is also from Pottery Barn, it is the BEST coffee table/footrest with kids. It’s big, but awesome. Toy basket is from Target, mercury lamp is from Lamps Plus and picture frames above TV are from Pottery Barn Kids. The window treatments and matching thai silk pillows were a wedding gift from Restoration Hardware. The brown velvet pillows are from Ikea and the brown & white patterned pillows are made up from leftover fabric used on the kitchen shades – Windsor Smiths Riad – clove. Paint color is Sherwin Williams windowpane, looks more green on the paint chip but comes out blue in this room.

I’m always looking for ways to make this place more comfortable and cozy. I need a plant but am still looking for a good hardy one, I have a terrible track record with plants… And sometimes I think I want to take the back of the sectional off and put it on the other side (by the sliding glass doors) to open the room up more with the kitchen…not sure how that would work though?

**finally got that rug – updated post here!**



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